Scheduled according to interest.



​​​ ​  Feb 9  Therapy Class starts 2:00 pm

Mar 14  Therapy Class starts 6:00 pm

Mar 17  Nose Work class starts 2:00 pm

​Apr   7  AKC-CGC Advanced class starts      3:00 pm (Also known as AKC-CGC Community certification.)


​  ​

Therapy Dog Team testing scheduled according to interest.  Testing is free but your dog must be exceptionally polite in public to pass.  I am a tester/observer for the Alliance of Therapy Dogs.​   The Alliance of Therapy Dogs web site is:


540.432.6460 or toll free, 800.738.1385 x41554

Harrisonburg Petsmart Classes

Intermediate & Advanced

Beginner & Puppy

​Feb 3  FREE New Dog Orientation 1:00 pm

Mar 1 FREE New Dog Now What Event 5-7pm

Mar 3 FREE New Pup Orientation 12:00 pm

Apr 6  FREE New Pup Orientation 1:00 pm

Every Saturday I hold a free "Ask Me Anything" hour 4 - 5 pm.  Bring all your dog behavior/training/care questions.

This is Biscuit, exhausted after class.

We offer six-week group classes ($119) as well as private instruction.  Our group courses are:  Puppy (10 weeks to five months); Beginner (five months to old as the hills); Intermediate, Advanced, Trick, and Therapy Dog.  Trick class just requires that your dog has been through either the Beginner or Puppy class.  Therapy Dog requires that your dog has solid manners.  Each class builds upon the skills learned in the previous class until you have the best dog possible, maybe even Lassie-like.


Both the Puppy and Beginner classes cover basic manners, safety commands, proper socialization, and problem prevention.  The Intermediate class builds on that base by adding more complex concepts and performing reliably despite distractions.  The Advanced class refines the polite-in-public skills, adds even more difficult situations, and prepares your dog for the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification. 

Special Events & Seminars

Molly the Dog Trainer

​​Feb 28 Intermediate Class starts 8:00 pm

Mar 10 Intermediate Class starts 4:00 pm

Apr 14 Advanced Class starts 1:00 pm

Apr 20 Intermediate Class starts 12:00 pm

Private Sessions

Feb 10 Puppy Class starts 1:00 pm

Feb 16 Puppy Class starts 11:00 am

Feb 17 Beginner Class starts 3:00 pm

Mar   7 Beginner Class starts 7:00 pm

Mar  9  Beginner Class starts 12:00 pm

Mar 10 Puppy Class starts 12:00 pm

Mar 23 Puppy Class starts 2:00 pm

Apr   6  Beginner Class starts 3:00 pm

Apr 13  Puppy Class starts 1:00 pm

Apr 28 Puppy Class starts 2:00 pm